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Iíve been doing web design for years now, Iíve rented space from plenty of hosts, and I have to say that is the best experience Iíve had. I pride myself on using the best of the best, and I have to say that I found it with The first time you lose your password for the domain that you rarely login to, and you get a response from the host in under two minutes, youíll agree with me. Eric bends over backwards to help me out whenever I need him to, and that, the cheap price, and PLESK is why I recommend to anyone trying to get their website to the next level. There are several things you have to have in order to be successful on the internet Ė A great looking website, some stuff on it people like, and a place to put it. I seriously doubt can provide the first two, but they do a damned good job with the third one.

-the Superterran ::

PS: Eric, you're more than welcome to put this on your front page, or whatever you people do.

and no mention of superterran or on the front page. i guess my site's just a little to hot blooded for the normal folk

but, i made the front page - YAY ME!

Hope it helps, Eric.

Yup Yup :D

And thank you for your feedback superterran!