View Full Version : Adding a second domain name

Today I bought a second domain name through and I would like to know how to add it to my hosting plan. I have the CPanel setup, but I don't know what to do. Could anyone help? Thanks.

There's 2 options for adding a second domain for cPanel accounts that don't include Web Host Manager. The first one is to have it set up with a separate control panel. To do this you can send in a help ticket requesting the second domain be added to your account. This would require you to divide up your resources between accounts since you'd have separate cpanel control panels. If you choose this you'll need to tell us how you'd like your resources divided in your help ticket such as 50/50.

The second option would be to add an addon domain in your control panel. This option wouldn't provide you with an entirely separate cpanel with all the features. But it would still allow you to access the domain as if it were an entirely separate domain.

If your account includes Web Host Manager, then you can login to your Web Host Manager and set up an entirely separate account for as many domains as your account allows. And you can of course set up addon domains for your main domain account or any additional domains you set up inside your Web Host Manager.