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How to install the Mambo ( Web Content Management System:

Step 1.
The first thing you'll need to do is download Mambo. You can go to the Mambo home page and find it there or you can go directly to their download page here and download the latest stable release of Mambo Open Source to your computer. Now unzip/extract the files on your computer

Next, connect to your web site with your favorite ftp client. Now create a directory where you would like to install Mambo inside your public_html directory if you're on cpanel or inside your httpdocs directory if you're on plesk. For example, you could create a directory named mambo. Next locate the decompressed Mambo files on your computer and upload all the files inside it keeping the directory structure the same to the directory you created on the server. Optionally if you're wanting to install Mambo in your main domains space rather than a sub directory you would upload all the files to your public_html or httpdocs directory.

Step 2.
Login to your control panel and create a MySQL database and user. Instructions for doing this can be found here for cpanel and here for plesk.

Step 3.
Now call up the installation page in your browser. If you uploaded the mambo files to a directory named mambo, then the url would be

Now click the continue button and you'll come to the MySQL database configuration section.

Enter the following information:

Host Name: localhost

MySQL User Name: The dbuser name you set up in step 2.

MySQL Password The password you set up for the dbuser in step 2.

MySQL Database Name: The database name you set up in step 2.

Drop Existing Tables? Unchecked

Backup Tables? Checked

Install Help Data? Checked

Install Sample Data? Checked

Now continue to the next step and enter a name for your Mambo and then continue on to the next step.

Now you should be at the section where you confirm the site URL, absolute path and admin e-mail. You should leave the url and and path fields just as they are. Now enter the e-mail address you want to use for your admin account in the Email field. The next thing you should do is write down the admin password because you'll need it later.

Now you can continue to the next step. Here you should see a message that says "** PLEASE REMEMBER TO COMPLETELY REMOVE THE INSTALLATION DIRECTORY **". Make sure you do remove the installation directory now.

Now at the bottom of this page you'll see a text area box with the code for your configuration file. You'll need to copy all the code in that box and then open up your configuration.php-dist file and replace all the code inside it with the code you copied from the text area box.

The next thing you'll need to do is upload and overwrite the configuration.php-dist file with the new one you just made the changes to. And finally rename the configuration.php-dist file to configuration.php

That last thing you'll want to do is change the permissions (chmod) all the following directories and files inside these directories to 707.

chmod 707 the following:


Now you should be all set to use Mambo. You can login to the admin at assuming you installed in the directory mambo. You can view your Mambo at replacing mambo with the actual directory you installed Mambo in.