View Full Version : What browser(s) do you use?

I usually use Internet explorer and have recently started using Mozilla quite often as well. :)

Same here. I mostly use internet explorer though. :)

I use IE for myself. Being a webdesigner though, I have to have and use just about all of them to make sure that any site I am doing is cross browser accessible.

I use Firefox .9 - 100%, and i say screw Internet Explorer.

I would like to take a moment to convince everyone to never use IE again.

1 - If people still use Internet Explorer, then Microsoft will maintain browser dominance, thus removing their incentive to fix the gaping holes in the peice of shit.

2 - people who use Internet Explorer are giving microsoft an excuse not to add features that all the rest of the browsers have - like Tabbed Browsing, pop-up blockers and download managers

3 - There are browsers on the market that are faster and do a better job parcing webpages - Firefox is a great example of such a browser

4 - IE is outdated in regards to standards, and microsoft hasn't done shit to make it more standards complient

5 - a lot of times, when you design a website in IE, it doesn't look right in all the rest of the browsers; even though Windows with IE is, by far, the default - if your designing a site for the technical amonst the masses - they are probably using another browser.

6 - All the rest of the browsers are simply supperior to Internet Explorer.

- so please, for the sake of the betterment of people everywhere - use another broswer, at least until Microsoft gets their heads out their ass.

I use to use IE a lot but after realizing just how much of a security risk it was I decided it was time to switch to a more reliable I started using FireFox, I'm still accustom to IE and using FireFox was an ok change over but I will get use to it.